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Indian Veg Recipes! Start your quest !

Welcome to Chef Meghna’s Kitchen! Chef Meghna brings you how to’s and video tutorials of Indian veg recipes, chicken recipes, breakfast recipes, Indian snacks, salad recipes, desserts, and many more. Watch, read, and learn how to cook healthy Indian veg recipes with quick tips and techniques. Come join me on this food adventure and uncover the chef within you.

Explore the best of Indian recipes videos to cook from healthy breakfast to quick lunch recipes videos to snacks and desserts all in one place.

Special Parathas by Meghna

Explore Cake & Desserts Special Recipes

Explore the best of Indian recipes to cook from healthy breakfast to quick lunch recipes to snacks and desserts all in one place.

Winter Recipes by Meghna with Love

Explore the Winter Recipes by Meghna with Love. Build Health this time

Desserts to try this Festival Season

Enjoy Desserts to try this Festival Season staying at home. Be your own Chef.

Cakes to Celebrate Special Days

Marry Christmas

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Its a game. U score 10 when u catch healthy food and lose 5 when u catch junk food !
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Meghna's Food magic

Chef Meghna

Coming from the land famously known for its tourist attractions, handicrafts and street food places, Ahmedabad; Chef Meghna began pursuing a career in banking. Soon after a decade passed away, Meghna decided to venture into the world of culinary. Recalling her time down the lane, she laughs about the time when it was hard for her to differentiate between a spatula and spoon. When Meghna reached her late 30s, she realised how a 9-6 job wasn’t her cup of tea. As time passed by, Meghna embarked on her journey with a vision to create recipes simple, yet with a flair of magic that would  leave everyone licking their fingers and savoring the taste. 

Chef Meghna

Eventually, she reached great heights and achieved to become a globally acclaimed chef. Currently, her plate is full with the roles she plays in her life – being a mother inspired by her daughter to pursue her dreams of being a baker, a social media influencer, and a food and lifestyle blogger. In the year of 2019, she also achieved to become the ‘Food Instagrammer of the Year‘ and has also been the winner of ‘Living Foodz Epicurean Guild Awards.’ 

Meghna's Food magic

Meghna ’s Food Magic

The secret behind every recipe of her turning out so beautiful and delicious can also become your secret to becoming a master chef around your friends and family! Yes, it is that simple and Chef Meghna here shows us how. It is not difficult to cook when the promise of a wholesome and finger-licking good meal become worth the time and effort invested in it. It’s high time you bid farewell to the unhygienic and unhealthy food from your favorite restaurant and master the art of heavenly indulgence with Chef Meghna.  Even though many have learnt cooking over the years, only a few have the knack of making a scrumptious and divine meal. Chef Meghna being one of those. Having been invested in the art of culinary since few years, she brings with her a plethora of hand-picked recipes to which she adds her magical touch, and always successfully manages to turn even the most boring dishes into the most flavorsome dishes. Call it magical Indian touch, or Meghna’s magic, one thing is for sure, this magic has its way of creating art through cooking that very less people have the talent for. 

Meghna ‘s Food Magic started by Meghna Kamdar. Meghna food magic first launched on YouTube by uploading basic recipes and tips. As time passes easy and simple home made recipes with new touch and taste provided by Meghna Kamdar with proper video tutorial sessions in easiest way. The video sessions available on Meghna’s Food Magic are easy to understand that freshers can also learn.  Chef Meghna brings with her a bag full of assorted recipes ranging healthy meals to festive-season dishes, she has uploaded every variety of cuisine on her YouTube channel, ‘Meghna ’s Food Magic.’ 

Chef Meghna ’s Kitchen  

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about food and disaster? It varies from the extent that there is little or too much salt in a dish to something burning away. Chef Meghna agrees to the issues involved in cooking. She has made it her mission to make the experience of cooking pleasant and simple for everyone – be it the working bachelors and spinsters, tired after a long day at work and unsure of what to prepare, or for someone to cook a varied range of dishes for a get-together and easy-to-cook recipes for kids. 

In Meghna ‘s Kitchen, you will get the healthy and tasty food recipes for your different food times (Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, drinks and shakes, etc). In Meghna’s kitchen, home makers can also learn the tasty food recipes. Find tasty, healthy recipes on this site that would be loved by all age group members of your family.


Meghna Kitchen Recipes

Meghna Kitchen Recipes are nothing but the simple home made food items with a tasty touch. All recipes by Chef Meghna are well defined in videos. The complete method and tasty tips, tricks also given. One, who even don’t know how to make tea can make tasty food items just by following the recipes. Meghna Kitchen recipes are well categorized as per their taste and food type.

Here on Chef Meghna, Tips for Moms are also available. Moms can use the tips to make healthy and tasty food for kids. Kids also love the new food items which are enriched with proteins, vitamins and other food nutrients. Meghna Kitchen Recipe always conscious about the nutrients and taste.

Recipes Tips by Chef Meghna's Food Magic

  • There are many recipe tips given by Chef Meghna’s Food Magic.
  • These tips available in each recipe video.
  • When you are watching any recipe video then you should keep your mind attentive and note all tips and tricks told by Meghna for that particular recipe/ food dish.
  • We are promising that if you make notes for these tips then it will help you throughout the life in your kitchen.
  • Because food tips never fails or expire.
  • They remains constant as per the taste. 

Chef Meghna is Your Favorite Chef

As per data recorded we are having great response from our viewers. It can be easily said that on the launch of the website thousands of visitors come and gave us positive feedback. Each and every category is well researched and created as per user demand. 

So as per viewers’ demand we will release the most popular recipes here on the website. Proper online courses are also released time to time. The candidates who are interested in the paid courses can go for that. Find her video collection on YouTube Too.

Meghna Cooking Style

Meghna Kamdar is not only a chef but she is an emotion. Huge fan following on social media and all they like the cooking style of Meghna. These are the terms which are given to her from Fans and followers.

Meghna do not have some extraordinary recipes or extraordinary secrets. She just cook food with love and care. But she use the masalas as per their need and texture required. There are many small things that we never used in our home made food items. We should use them and provide a unique taste to our food item either it is in breakfast/ lunch or dinner.

You are the official website of Chef Meghna Kamdar apart from the social media handles. Chef Created a well categorized platform where you can easily find recipes under one category or sub category section. 

The website is visible in Google searches. Or you can search the recipe name including the word “Chef Meghna”. 

Apart from the official website of chef Meghna,  The Chef is also active on social media handles also. Chef Meghna has created a website where you can easily find your favorite recipe category wise. Every video has been provided with a particular category as per its recipe type.