A Letter To PM

Dear PM Modiji,
On this National Girl Child Day, I would like to bring a new thought to your campaign of “Beti Padhao Beti Bachao”. I propose a campaign “Beta Khana Pakao, Beta Ghar Bachao”. The 1st step in making sure girls get treated equally; actually starts from the kitchen. From childhood, Indian households have been teaching girls how to cook, how to keep the house clean; whereas boys are not given any such training. They are encouraged to play sports or sent to the work-place to help parents or are sent to various hobby classes. The result is that as they grow old; they become dependent on girls (sister, mother or house helper) to cook for them. But then girls are increasingly not going to spend time in kitchen, they will study & go out in the world to make a name for themselves. On the other hand. Boys will struggle for home-cooked food; they will eat junk food outside or pay for expensive food. Boys too should therefore start learning to cook from the very childhood, because the day girls decide to not enter into the kitchen, they could actually die of hunger or poverty or any other health issue. 

It is as important as playing any sport or learning civic duties. Since they didn't get an opportunity to learn in the younger age; might as well start today. Or else, be happy with restaurant food; cause home made food is not going to be there infinitely.

One doesn’t have to learn to cook fancy dishes but very basic cooking with simple fewer ingredients , will help you not only survive but also will help bring a lot of happiness as a family & could potentially be a game-changer in reducing divorce rates or have positive psychological benefits to men & women.  Let’s create jobs by opening up the Food Truck businesses by sheer training of cooking from a very young age. Please do think about it. 

The reality is instead of Beti Bachao, we actually need “Beta Bachao” campaign.

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