Baking is Love, you know why?

Imagine coming home from a day-long tiring work…. or on a day-off just sitting home getting bored… or perhaps having an argument with a loved one… or you are watching kids on their cell phone all day, wondering what you can do to break the monotomy. How do you bond with your loved ones… and you’ve got to try something new.  I have seen most of the Indian households make a cup of tea or get stuck with stress-binging.. But why not try your hand at baking something.

See you cook because you need something to eat. right? It’s an absolute necessity. But  Baking, on the other hand, can be done for a number of reasons. And it is much more relaxing, when baked with the loved one, the feeling of bonding I am unable to describe here… and I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t have a sweet tooth. When you bake, your most awful day becomes the most awesome day. You don’t have to go on a binge-eating spree; instead you could try baking a bread or cupcake or a savoury dish to sooth your body and soul.  ‘Baking by choice’ is by definition the most comfort food. The best part about baking is that it can be as complicated as you want it to be or be as simple as baking Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Many a times my daughter after coming from school, works with me in the kitchen to help me create that next beautiful baking innovation. Initially she started helping me because she wanted to eat the cake fresh n first…but as the time passed, she started enjoying the process. We would play music, play with  the ingredients, dance when the cake goes into the oven & just can’t wait to share with the other family members & her friends next door. Why waste your life just playing video games when you could take up baking as a hobby - who knows you too turn someday from banker to a baker like me. 

Let's be honest, is there a better smell to fill your kitchen with than the smell of homemade chocolate cake. That stuffed bread, crusty pie, chewy brownie & cheesy cheese tarts…. makes your home smell good and the added can eat it fresh or later too.

Don’t give me an excuse that you are vegetarian… There are so many eggless recipe ideas available on internet. I have a whole playlist of eggless cakes & desserts  …It’s just a matter of experimenting, making mistakes & till "practice makes you perfect." Let that first bread get burnt. Let that first brownie stay uncooked from middle, or that  first chocolate cookie that turns out to be as hard as walnut. It doesn’t matter. Remember, the Internet is your best friend and so is Chef Meghna. You can find countless recipes for various baking dishes. So, keep calm and keep on baking. 

Baking teaches you so many life-lessons - Being patience, Trusting the process, Taking care of minute details and learning to share yourself with your loved ones. So what are you waiting for, try these mouthwatering desserts and cakes, and let me know if this blog was helpful for you to get started because Baking is Love..