Christmas eve Bizarre Myths

10 most bizarre myths & traditions of  the  Christmas Eve you probably haven’t heard about-

  1. The Italians would celebrate the Feast of the Seven Fishes (a seven-course seafood meal) on Christmas Eve. 
  2. The Germans call Christmas Eve a Holy Evening; when the only pure-in-heart are actually meant to be able to hear animals talking. 
  3. According to an old superstition, bread baked on Christmas Eve will never go stale. Believe this has not been verified, so don’t try this at home. 
  4. In Bolivia, Mass of the Rooster is celebrated on Christmas Eve with roosters brought to midnight mass. Myth says that a rooster was actually the first to announce the birth of Jesus.
  5. In Finland, Santa Claus delivers presents on Christmas Eve not on a reindeer-driven sleigh but on a goat named ‘Ukko.’
  6. Since 1959, families in Sweden have made it a tradition on Christmas eve to get-to-gather and watch a “Donald duck Christmas special” aired on the public television.
  7. In Iceland, books are exchanged on Christmas Eve & you spend the rest of the night reading. This frenzy is called “Christmas Book Flood.”
  8. Candy canes were invented by a German choirmaster in the 1600s as a way to keep children quiet during church ceremonies, especially on Christmas Eve.
  9. In Finland and Sweden, crimes committed on Christmas Eve would actually receive double the punishment.
  10. In Norway, people hide the brooms. An old tale says that witches and bad souls appear on Christmas eve to steal these brooms to go around causing mischiefs.