Healthy Food Myths

Sorry to break your heart, but these are not really “healthy “ foods. Some of these are myths that marketers have created over the years and some of these is pure misunderstanding that no one bothered to clarify.

  1. Beginning with breakfast cereals... these usually are high on sugar;  Always read labels, and remember there is a separate ingredient list on labels where those real nasty additives are listed.
  2. Another top of my mind is the store-bought granola. Please make your own so you know what is in it as what’s sold in the markets carry all kind of sweeteners.
  3. Yes, we all love Dried fruit, don’t we! But, you have to see the process to believe the large amount of sugar that gets added. 
  4. Anything that is sold as sugar-free. Because whether they add real sugar or not but  the substitutes and other ingredients already carry a lot of sugar. Even when they say they have taken fat out, then you actually get more sugar, and vice versa.
  5. Markets are flooded with flavored yogurts.. When the fruit is added, the sugar goes up. Better recommendation would rather be plain curd and add some fresh fruits if you like.
  6. Store-bought salad dressings are usually made with tons of oil, cream, mayonnaise and sugar. Make your own with balsamic vinegar (or other vinegar), honey, a touch of Dijon mustard & olive oil.
  7. Juice. I was shocked when I saw all the sugar in orange juice, apple juice, etc. If you think you are making a healthy choice by buying juice packs, think again.
  8. Store bought microwave popcorn. There is all sorts of junk in that. Instead make your own with corn canals.
  9. Bottled iced tea or even that fountain iced tea is full of sugar. Make your own from green tea with no sugar. And I’m a big tea drinker.  
  10. Digestive biscuits actually any kind of biscuits are full of butter... and so not really healthy.
  11. If anyone offers you khus-khus salad, know this that khus-khus is actually a pasta, so it’s basically carbs; in case you were looking to cut down carbohydrates for weight loss; drop this one out of your healthy food bucket list.

I am not saying don’t buy these; just saying that you can choose wisely and if you were wondering why despite eating healthy; you were not losing weight; than hope this was helpful.