3 Questions You Ask When You Want To Quit

3 Questions You Ask When You Want To Quit

The urge to quit will be highest just before you are about to succeed.

We get these moments all the time. If you have taken a break from smoking; the urge comes back to you suddenly. Following a fitness regime ? And every other morning you feel like ending it. Even at work – we see people quit a job because they couldn’t wait for promotion or they just couldn’t cope with pressure or a demanding boss. Relationships no different too; seeing so many families / couples break apart invariably because they gave up on each other or found happiness somewhere else.

So what to do when you get this urge? Ask yourself these 3 simple questions-

1. Is this urge to quit coming because you’ve found an ‘easy’ alternative ? And would you have quit if this alternative was not available? Because this sounds more like a trade-off / short cut to exit to another path because you found it becoming tough.

2. What is that ideal end-picture you had in your mind? May be it was too perfect to achieve, needs some adjustment ? May be you’re quitting because you never seem to be happy with how far you have come in the journey vs how much more to go. In our quest to see the glass full; we feel half the glass of water is not good enough to quench our thirst.

3. What did you want to become when you’re young ? And as you grew, if your mind starts telling you that “This is too difficult / I can’t do / I’m tired / Let it go”-you mind may be playing tricks with you.

Can you imagine how many times I would have felt like quitting the work out, cancelling a shoot, stop posting content after receiving hate comments & mails?  Yes, the desire to quit will always come to you when you might actually be succeeding. When you came this far, don’t quit- be it losing weight, becoming successful at work, giving up bad habits or making the relationship work.

If your urge to succeed higher than the urge to quit, you are most likely closer to succeeding.

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