6 Ideas that have work for me to wake up Fresh Every Morning

6 Ideas that have work for me to wake up Fresh Every Morning

6 Ideas that have work for me to Wake up Fresh Every Morning

I don’t claim to be a sleep expert nor I can declare victory having mastered this. There are exceptions to these and there are times I may not have been able to stick to the exact routine but the idea is to have my routine match up with these 80-90% time. That alone is an accomplishment I felt I could share with you-

1. Wake up exactly the same time daily – irrespective what time you slept; even on weekends. I know many of us love sleeping long hours during weekends but it’s a sign of irregular weekdays that we have to recognize as a problem and fix. If you’ve been sleeping only for 5 hours; it’s nothing to be proud of.

2. Avoid any form of caffeine (coffee, tea, cola..) after 4-5 pm as they tend to stimulate and have lasting impact on my sleep cycle later in the evening.  Haven’t most of us hd tea with friends at late nights and then talked for till early morning?

3. Generally sleep in cool place & wake up with morning sun light gradually coming in to the room. I know what you are thinking, Even if your room is not getting direct sun light; the curtains & alarm clocks with light will do the trick too.

4. Many of my friends are now doing this is to have a glass or even jug full of water first thing in the morning. Best way to get natural stimulant.

5. Regular exercise or walks in the morning( if I couldn’t do gym routine that day). But, I avoid working out late nights as they tend to charge me up and keep me awake longer.

6. Protein rich breakfast more along with limited bread intake. If you’re going to have fried or sugary breakfast then you’re going to feel a bit lazy through the day. Dal, Soya chunks, Tofu, Beans, Chickpeas, Mushroom, Spinach, Oats, Quinoa, Millets – vegetarian food is Protein rich too. My family loves Dal ka Paratha for this reason.

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