9 Lessons that Pandemic taught me

9 Lessons that Pandemic taught me

9 Lessons that Pandemic Taught Me

9 lessons that Pandemic taught me (I may not have learnt otherwise…)

As much as we would want to forget 2020, the learnings will stay with me. Yes, I too have missed movie outings, traveling, gym, shopping, but the below lessons make the above sacrifices look insignificant.

1. Breathe Smile

Repeat… Smiling all the time is tough.  When am stressed, my family reminds me to smile. Because problems won’t go away, so might as well as face them with a smile.

2. Be Thankful for the life...

Be thankful for the life… if you are living through Pandemic. The number of cars or the new dream home became less relevant.

3. Give back to needy...

I generally don’t talk about who or how I helped. But the joy I have experienced seeing – them smile with a hope to live for a better tomorrow – is priceless.

4. Compliment a lot...

Everyday has been a struggle, right? And when you see people doing different jobs, don’t just take them for granted. Thank them.. Praise them.. it gives them hope for a better tomorrow.

5. Let it go...

We were thought to always chase dreams and never give up. But 2020 was a revelation; so many dreams and aspirations, we learnt to  let go easily. Need for survival has taken over the need for success.

6. No need to read about change management...

No need to read about change management… because Pandemic has made us all Pro.

7. Numbers don’t lie...

Especially when emotions are running high & you hear negative remarks or criticism, look at the number of positives. Learning to differentiate constructive criticism is as important as ignoring fake praises.

8. Options are a plenty...

Options are a plenty.. may not be to your liking, but nevertheless if it solves my problem I’ll take it. So long as I have an alternative, it’s never over.

9. Zoom into friends and family...

Zoom into friends and family… who had become birthday reminder in my calendar. But 2020 was all about taking me back to my roots. 

You turned me from banker to baker.

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