Be A Better Version of Yourself


A new dawn awaits all of us..
Once again kids will go to their schools..
& we’ll be back to work with same old tools..

The air will soon get polluted and
Car horns and loud speakers will replace nature’s morning sounds..

So many lessons learnt…
Some we will remember,
And… some we better not forget..

We became flexible.. accommodating..
We learnt to live in the moment,
We really connected with each other…
We became more sensitive, caring and even forgiving.
In short… we became a better version of ourselves.

We always take breaks when on a long journey
We forgot to take a break in life’s journey.
May be this halt was necessary and the refreshments had to be brought in….

Dear Corona, you may have taken many lives, but you also taught us how to live our lives.
You may have broken our backs but..
You also taught us how to lean on each other and walk.

It’s now really in our hands..
how we take this journey forward…
where we go from here.

Love M #ChefMeghna #JustThinking #GoodMorning #BeABetterVersionOfSelf

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