Be Friends For Life….

Be Friends For Life

Be Friends For Life….

I want to celebrate this Friendship Day in a unique way by making it a “Shoutout Day” for those who need my help.

6 years ago, when I started my second inning- creating food content, I did not have too many friends. No friends to guide me, to help me how to make videos or face camera or even how to connect with viewers through social media. No one in my family knew anything about blogging. Back in 2015, most people who came to my life, came with an expectation of a job – more of commercial reasons than anything else. That is a different story that over the years, we groomed our working relationships into becoming friends for life…

Everyday so many of you write to me to give you SHOUT OUTS.. to share your work with viewers.  No one did this for me in the last 6 years. I too had reached out to so many verified handles; hoping they will make an effort for this 40+ aged lady and would extend a helping hand. But, no one came forward. I felt alone; many times felt like giving up…and there were days I almost gave up too. What I went through, I do not want anyone else to go through.

And so from today all that is going to change.  Just mail me on
a) Your story – because I want to know you.
b) Mention your channel / social handle handle (so I can give you shoutout) And
c) What is the one thing you want my viewers to know about your page/channel (so that they can choose to follow your page).

I would randomly pick a few stories and give a shout out on my page every Sunday; to as many as I can.

What do I expect in return? Just a Promise – that when you reach in a position to help others, you too would do the same. I read somewhere that the only reason for our existence should always be -to help others. Now it doesn’t mean we go out of the way to help; but even little efforts count.

You may be thinking why am I doing this? It’s simple, with experience, I have learnt that friendships that we forge in our early/ struggling years, tend to stay with us for life… As I continue my journey on this unknown path, I am hoping that we would be able to show light to each other, as we too will always be friends for life.

Happy Friendship Day.. – Shoutout May be Every Sunday but Friendship will be Everyday. 😀.

Your Friend For Life.

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