Celebrate – You Don’t Fit In

Celebrate - You Don’t Fit In

Celebrate - You Don’t Fit In

Here’s an idea I would want to leave you with as we celebrate our 75 years of Independence. Many people will make you feel that you don’t fit in. They will tell you that you have no future just because you are different.. basically a ‘Misfit.’ They will come in forms of friends and relatives and even colleagues. Some would just say it out of concern. But most would be scared that you are seeing the world differently, what if you were right and they were wrong. So let them be, let them deal with their insecurities and beliefs.

And you my dear, Celebrate the idea that ‘you don’t fit in.’ Because, with the right attitude, hard work and a tiny bit of luck, you will create ‘your own fit.’ And the same very people will come back to you to fit themselves into that new fit.

Saying this with experience, trust me on this.

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