Difference Between what You See and what I See

Difference Between what You See


You probably are looking at this pic and thinking “Nice”, “Beautiful “, “Good Looking “ … May be even thinking “Why a chef dresses up and gets a photo shoot”? Or perhaps thinking -“Why is she dressed like that, it doesn’t suit her age?” Or “She is a mom and how can she do a photo shoot like this?” And few may have comments on my aging skin or hair or appearance too.


I see a journey of a girl… whose dreams of following a career in arts and theater got quashed in her young age.. Who lived most of her childhood and adulthood for others… Moved cities to focus on career of better-half.. Left job and sat home as motherhood happened.. Went through depression post pregnancy, hated doing makeup or hair for 3 long years… Worked hard in the gym to reduce 20-25 kg to get her self-confidence back.. Learned new skills including going into kitchen after having lived on tiffins or mom’s food for years.. Went door to door to sell biryani and cakes.. became a teacher first for 5 students to now thousands… Who was ridiculed for her Gujarati accent (because most chefs come from North India) .. Whose even face expressions, eye blinks and hand gestures all get criticized.. who having gone through culimary education and having made 500+ recipe videos still continues to be questioned about her cooking skills, food knowledge and even what she wears in the video. … and she is still standing tall and running at her fast pace despite age not on her side.

You see a woman getting her photoshoot done.. but I see a woman who came a long way from working for home to working from home.  This post was not about my journey but rather an attempt to ignite the fire in women out there, who I wish do not give up just because someone criticized you or ridiculed you or what others may say about you…. Just go fight your battle ladies.

Do me a favor. Don’t judge us, rather just love us, support us, encourage us, and I promise you, we women will make this world a much better place to live.

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