Do people tell you that you can’t do it ?

Do people tell you that you can’t do it ?

Do people tell you that you can’t do it ?

When someone tells you to not do something or worse that “you can’t do it,” I’d actually do that twice, and take pictures too.

Been 6 years, and I still get comments  on my appearance – “We want to see food, and not you”, “You are just showing off, you don’t know cooking”,  “Why don’t you go into modelling”, “Why do you wear these kind of clothes”.  “How can you wear short skirts, being a mother, what kind of example are you setting.” Even disguised insults like “I’m here to watch you and not food”

And goes on to even how I speak. “Why are you singing while talking.”, “You have ‘Gujju’ accent”, “Can you please speak less”, “Why do you talk so much”, “Gosh, I can not tolerate your voice”.

Even recipe twists didn’t sit well with few-  “First go back and learn cooking”, “___ chef will never approve your recipe”, “I’ve just come here to dislike your video”, “Why do you add cranberry to everything”, “Moong dal halwa aise thoda banta hai”.

Not just viewers even technicians, when I faced camera first time, as I could barely keep my eyes open with all those heavy lights, and camera asssitant said “Now how will we shoot, she doesn’t even know how to face camera.” One editor jokingly remarked, “One more model has come to cook on camera.”

6 years down the line, I have made 1000s of recipe videos, posted 100s of images. Even got recognized through Jury & Public voting awards; have worked with reputed brands (have even rejected many collaborations because they didn’t represent what I stand for.) I have done TEDx talks, Zoom classes, Corporate workshops, TV & News paper interviews, Judged recipe contests and also present on tv channel.

Point is once you have chosen your path, don’t back down. Had I taken all these comments to heart, wouldn’t have been able to get this far. Yes, I may not be  a successful person, but I certainly am not a failure. And the measurement of success is not the number of followers, rather the number of times you prove critics wrong.

So yes please tell me “You can’t do it..” And Watch What Happens Next.

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