Even if it turns left,

Even if it turns left

If you are chasing something that you want to achieve. It is eventually going to work-out one way or the other. It just is a matter of time, patience, undoubtedly hard work, but most importantly self-realization of what your destiny has in-store for you.

Let me tell you a little story, when I was in 7th grade, I loved taking parts in extra co-curricular activities. And I was really bad at studies; just studied to clear the exams. Even my teachers noticed that I had a knack for all kind of art forms. While books used to make me nervous,  my sister was good in studies and so my parents decided to put their energy on getting her to become doctor and on me to just pass the exams – Yes I never failed in any subject, somehow with 40-50% scores, I managed to graduate in one go. But my sister went on to become a doctor.
Count the years, that was 25 years ago.

Then I did various jobs to support my family – stock broker, collection agencies, insurance companies, finance and banking firms. 14 years of career one fine day I gave up as motherhood struck me. And then various health issues to deal with. Not at all into cooking even a cup of chai, blowing pressure cooker as didn’t know you have to put water with dal and confused as hell interchanging masalas in different recipes.

Now I am 43, and as I look back at the journey, who could have thought I would one day be cooking live, making videos, teaching cakes and desserts and even be writing about being positive. Never ever I imagined, that so many of you would be interested in reading this. But if you managed to read up-to here, then trust me, in the end, life has funny-odd ways of working-out just about everything. So stay on your path, it is the right one, even if it turns to left.

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