Father’s Day- I Am Your Reflection Bappu

Father's Day

Father’s Day- I Am Your Reflection Bappu

“O Bappu..”

..as I address you and you just smile everytime, I always wondered why you never express much.

From my childhood days, I remember you waking up early morning and starting the motor so that municipalty water would go to the water tank on the terrace.

Be it scooter, fan or light, how with an ease you would repair everything in the house. I always wondered how God made Fathers so dutiful.

While mom and we girls asked for new clothes or a dinner outside; you wore the same 4 shirts for so many years. I remember how hard it was to convince you to accept a small gift from my first salary. Though not accepting anything from anyone and not taking care of your health; as I look back was not the smartest thing to do; I always wondered how God created you to be so devoted family man.

Many a times, when I saw you and mom in an argument; sometimes eventhough you are not wrong; you would just give-in and let mom win the arguement; and I always wondered how has God made you so tolerant.

When our family went through the finalcial downturn; I remember you coming home from work – frustrated, tired, sweating; yet smiling; not letting us see the wrinkles on your face; and I always wondered how God made you to be so determined.

I remember how little things like Brinjal ki sabjee or wrong number calls made you upset… but apart from that I just don’t remember you shouting at anyone  or laying a finger on anyone over all those years. and I always wondered how God made you so patient to put up with three women.

I thought breaking news to you about having met my life-partner would have to be the most difficult task; but  you kept quiet, I could sense your anxiety and insecurities. I still wonder how God has made you so understanding.

The only time I saw you cry – trying to hide your face – was my ‘Bidai’ but there also you never said a word. I always wondered how selfless you have been to let me go live my life. I am not sure if I will ever be able to let Kangna go live hers.

I still remember how u stayed awake at nights when little Kangna would not let me sleep. And you would just go on playing with her all night so that I could catch some sleep.

Even had I not written this letter to you, you would still not have said anything to me. I know you would never express, but no; I am not letting this day go without letting you know that you have been a pillar of strength to all of us. I wish I could become so tolerant, patient, protective and intelligent like you. Happy Father’s Day Bappu…

Your Little Reflection
P.s. – For all those who compliment me for my appearance, well a large credit goes to this man in the picture.

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