Hygiene and Health when you travel

Hygiene and Health when you travel

When I travel from Mumbai, I usually carry home cooked food or assembled sandwich if traveling back. The logic is simple. Yes airport lounges & food courts offer you great food options but mostly they are made using strong spices, esp onion and garlic smell is something that can bother the person sitting next to you. Plus the use of oil which tends to be disproportionately high and could cause acidity especially during long travels. So apply health or hygiene criteria or just to feel light; always try and have simpler, lighter, low in spices and healthy food when you travel.

I had spoke about this sometime ago as well but always please carry toothpaste, toothbrush and tongue cleaners that way you know you are going to be a wonderful co-traveller to all the passengers traveling with you.
A few days ago an Indian couple was traveling first time via flight and they carried home cooked food but it so strong flavors that entire air craft smelled of the dal and sabjee they had brought. So in short, home cooked food made with less spices, oil is something you could be sensitive about others who too are travelling with you not out of choice but by chance. Happy Traveling in 2020.

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