It’s time we adults learnt from kids

It’s time we adults learnt from kids

It’s time we adults learnt from kids

When this lockdown started; there were many who felt trapped, some thought of it as an opportunity to focus on things they had not focussed earlier, while the most remained skeptical about the future. With passing time, people got used to it with the hope that this will end soon, and life will get back to the way it was. Some learnt cooking, some learnt new instruments, people moved to online learning.. (I learnt make-up by watching youtube too.) In general, People found time for themselves and their family.

Locked inside, we made fun of ourselves, became more tolerant of each other and amidst deaths of our loved ones, we learnt to value this precious life and mother Earth too. I know many of us went out of the way to help others in need too, more kindness seen all around.

Now, as things begin to get back on track, some people are still hoping against the hope that the world will be exactly the same as before. Well newsflash, it will never be. The world has moved on and it’s not going back.

So what happens next? I think it’s time we learn from Kids- how they learn new things quickly and adapt. How they get excited with new ideas. How easily they forgive and forget. How everyday is a new day for them. It’s us – the adults who are really bad at learning. We take time in getting out of the old beliefs and traditions. When asked to accept new normal, it’s we adults who panic the most compared to kids.

And I see this frustration in people’s comments, DMs and even in random social media posts. People who write hateful comments and send rude messages ; I feel are not really upset with others but rather with themselves. Being branded as a ‘Troll’ is not a compliment cause if you’re a troll; chances are you are featuring in many people’s blocked list already. Not a nice feeling that you want to live with for the rest of the life right? Start learning to become more reasonable, forgiving, less attention seeking and extremely polite to an extent of being charming.. Press that ‘Restart’ button and I promise that, you will once again be happy with yourselves.
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