Kahani Poori Filmy Hai…

Kahani Poori Filmy Hai

Kahani Poori Filmy Hai…

Kangna turned 15 today, and wishes are pouring in on her birthday.

While drafting this blog, I had a recall of all those Bollywood movie scenes with heavy-duty “Ma” wale dialogues. Honestly, I used to laugh watching those scenes when Mothers would say “Toone meri kok se janam liya hai.. Main Teri Maa Hoon.. Tujhe Ma Ke dudh ka karz chukana hai… Ma Ishwar ka dusra roop hai“ etc etc… and the usual drama that followed around mother-daughter/son relationships. Little that I knew that the very same “motherhood” would come hunting for me few years later.

I think Mothers deserve to be wished a “Happy Birthday” as much as the child. For this day, like many, I too entered the unfamiliar world of motherhood, where I learnt to smile irrespective of challenges that she would throw at me.

While changing diapers 50 times a day; I found this abundance of “patience”, I never knew I had in me.

I could never share my belongings with anyone. But while teaching her “Sharing is Caring”, not only had to learn to share and I actually found the joy in sharing.

In our younger days, we run away from difficult situations or find someone else to deal with those; But then motherhood taught me to show the right responsible behavior, so that she doesn’t pick my bad habits.

The fears I had to overcome – entering kitchen, facing camera, answering questions in live classes, talking with strangers I have never met before….. the list is long. It’s all a new world for me as much as for Kangna. So, Happy Birthday Kangna and Thank you so much for choosing me as your mother, for this was my 2nd birth too – making me a more complete human-being.

Yes, I know this sounds like a ‘90s ka bollywood film.. and you will say “yeh kahani poori filmy hai..”😀

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