Mother & Daughter Cord Remains Intact

Mother & Daughter

While doctor may have cut the umbilical cord (the tube that conects baby and mother) at the time of delivery, till date Kangna has remained firmly attached with me.  And I feel, it’s nothing short of a miracle. My daughter Kangna may be anywhere or I may not be around may be travelling; but the invisible cord has always kept us connected. She knows what annoys me. I would know if she’s having a tough day too. It is a daily ritual that she would hug me good morning or wish good night. If I am travelling, she would always plan a welcome surprise. From her first alphabet in Jr. KG to first painting to fight with best friends, Kangna has always trusted me to share and seek help. To tell you a secret, before posting any reels on instagram or testing new recipe; Kangna’s honest opinion has always been sought by me.

Sometimes I tell her that she has not seen my struggling days of local train & local bus travels, managing 15 hours of hactic corporate lives, living off tiffins etc. But in reality, despite different types of struggles, I have learnt to get past & look beyond them now a lot more easily, simply because motherhood prepared me to be who I am today.

I’ve always wanted a daughter because I knew I won’t be just raising a child but my best friend for life. Tomorow she will live an independent life, but she would always come looking for her parents when in need. And she would keep checking on us daily.
I know soon she will grow to having different perspectives on life, career, partner etc. But one thing I am sure about is that she will always value our opinion.

My life changed for good and every inch of credit goes to you Kangna. So, Happy Daughters’ Day my child… I know you will continue to grow as this wonderful, sensitive, kind and loving human-being who would love everyone around selflessly & be always extremely protective. And that invisible cord will always remain.

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