Once upon a time

once upon a time

Once upon a time…
We used to roam around freely
We used to feel the sea breeze
and feel that smell of salted water

Once upon a time
We used to watch the cars zoom by and people rushing to catch the local train or taxi..

Once upon a time
We used to have that tapri ki chai and had so many complaints.

Once upon a time
we all used to smile
we even made fun of unknown people passing by..

Once upon a time we lived a busy life and looked for moments to escape from all this for some time away.. for fresh air .. for some change.

Suddenly all of that we miss and
When all this gets over..
Once upon a time in future..
we will wish that this never happens again and we promise to never complain about the pollution, the traffic jams or any other problems that worried us; for our problems only defined us and not the temporary escapes; for our friends defined our existence not the wealth that we accumulated.

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