Staying Away From That 95% Chronic Bracket

95% Chronic Bracket

Staying Away From That 95% Chronic Bracket

Here’s the food for thought. As we all fight this pandemic, don’t forget that 95% of all the chronic disease are caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercises.

So, no matter how much you crave for outside food, and no matter how much you think you are missing out on your favorite street food; the best way to not fall in that 95% is to invariably opt for the home cooked meals.

Simply by controlling the amount of oil and butter alone, you’ll increase your chances of staying out of that 95% bracket by many folds.

So many Food-bloggers are churning out one after another variety of cuisines at home. All this is for a purpose and that you my dear viewers, live a long and healthy life, opt for balanced lifestyle and whatever you crave for, you should be able to make at home.

The best part is we are not in a competition of who cooks better or  whose recipe got more likes …. rather it’s about what you do after learning that recipe. To my mind, if you managed to make something new everyday at home, then my mission is accomplished. Because every meal you opted to have at home, took you that much away from that 95% bracket of chronic disease.

My Favorite Recipes : Must Try

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