Take Your Chance Baby… Take Your Chance

Take Your Chance Baby

I read this somewhere, “If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.” Just reflecting on some of the comments last week; someone wrote, “Why don’t you make videos like xyz blogger?” And “Why you explain so much in detail vs xyz bloggers who just keeps it short?” etc. Let’s approach this differently.

So question for you- which soap do you use? Is the only soap you have used all your life? Haven’t you tried different ones in the past? And wouldn’t you try a new one in future ? Another example, when you order food, do you order from the same restaurant everytime? And do you order the same dish? And do you stay hungry if that restaurant is not there or that dish is not in the menu?

The other day, someone commented, “You can never learn cakes in a digital classes, because it requires practice.” While I agree with  the second part, anything you learn, requires practice, but learning medium can be anything. Imagine you and your old parents are living in different cities. Now try teaching them mobile phone functions or about this new app you want them to learn and use.. is that easy to teach? Most probably not. But do you take the flight and rush to them? or do you make an effort to teach them over a call? And do you make them practice after the call is over or not?  So it is not really about something can be learnt from distance or not. Rather it’s about how good a teacher you’ve got and how attentive you were in the class. Else, in a physical class everyone would score 100/100 and in a digital class no one will pass. Don’t you watch ads on TV and Newspapers and make a purchase immediately ?

So why am I talking about buying soaps, ordering food online & learning mobile functions? It boils down to one and only one thing and that’s – Are you open to trying something new or not? Cause if you weren’t then you would still be using the same car, same phone & same soap all your life. But you had an open mind on more than one occassion and decided to give it a try. You didn’t straight away got into criticising unless you experienced it.

Don’t you visit a friend accidentally just because you were  in the near-vicinity ? Don’t you put that new perfume on because someone gifted you? Don’t you switch between android and ios phones just to experience which one suits you more? Don’t you visit different places for vacation and even stay in different hotels ? And yes, these experiences don’t always turn out to be the way you liked, and you always can go back to what you liked more, but at least you tried something new or you even recommended these to others to try. None of these products or experiences were bad; it’s just that they did not meet your need or exceeded your expectation. But point is you took your chance and tried something new, created a new experience and even memories. Isn’t that all worth it !!!

In the movie “Life in a Metro” , I just loved the way Late Irrfan tells Konkona Sen Sharma, “Don’t wait for all the signals to turn green, it will never happen, so take that new car out without worrying about the odd  red signals that may slow you down. Take your chance baby… Take your chance.”

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