The Sunday Story connection with Desserts

The Sunday Story connection with Desserts

The Sunday Story connection with Desserts

Was curious to find out the history of Sunday, and found some very interesting information / stories  around how Sunday got announced as a public holiday.

When India was under the British rule, the mill workers in India had to work hard for all 7 days of a week. They didn’t get any holiday or any kind of leave to get rest. The British officials  would go to church every sunday and offer their prayers while there was no such tradition for the Indian mill workers. So, the leader of mill workers – Narayan Meghaji Lokhande presented a proposal of a weekly holiday in front of the Britishers, saying, “After working hard for six days, the workers should get a day to serve their country and society. Sunday is the day of the Hindu deity ‘Khandoba’. Hence Sunday should be declared as a holiday”. For those who may not know Khandoba (Malhar) is one of the avatar of Lord Shiva. While initially, the British officials rejected his proposal; but after  a 7-year long struggle, on 10th June 1890, British Government declared sunday as a holiday.

Prior to that In 1844, the governor general of British, introduced the provision of ‘Sunday Holiday’ for the school going kids, so that students could engage in creative activities and take a break from the routine academics.

Per the Hindu Calender, the week actually starts with Sunday. It is the day of the ‘Surya Devta’, as per the Hindu tradition, it is the day when Surya and all the other gods and goddesses are worshipped. To make sure that the worshippers don’t face any problems in following their tradition, the day Sunday has been considered a holiday.

I too take break on Sundays and indulge in some desserts; since Summer season is on, sharing this Mango Cheesecake Jar Recipe video link:

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