There is no grey anymore – A lockdown lesson

There is no grey anymore – A lockdown lesson

When I was a little girl, everything in the world fell into either wrong or right, Black or white. As I started growing older, I had to put that childish thought aside and learned that most things in the world aren’t black or white; aren’t wrong, or right. Rather everything is just different. That I should learn to respect different people and different ways of living. And I learnt that there’s nothing wrong with different, and that we can let things be different, we don’t have to try and make everything black or white, we can just let them be grey. But….there came a twist in the tale.

Lockdown and Quarantined life is teaching us back to what we  knew in our childhood, that everything is either white or black. You stay home that’s white and you step out and you are in black. Some of this will change in months to come but a lesson we must now never forget there is no more grey.

If we want to lose weight, get fitter then we got to stop eating fried food and exercise even at home; and otherwise stop making foolish excuses that can have little of this and little of that. We are learning that hospitals don’t have enough beds for so many of us. We don’t have to be jealous of what others achieve but rather draw inspiration. Fitness comes through giving up a lot of things and by opting to live a simpler life. The lessons were always around us, had we kept our eyes and ears open. The message was loud and clear that there is no grey anymore.

Look outside the window; we had polluted the sky and the air; but it’s all now turning green and blue once again. Flowers are blooming, occasionally birds are heard chirping, air is so fresh once again. Working from home is a reality- a new norm for the most; and there is nothing wrong to once in a while stepping out so long as it’s clear that we will follow these black and white rules and not pollute the world. Nature will not forgive us next time if we don’t learn from this monthlong quarantined life. Money that many accumulated has lost its value, as nature has taken over our lives. And Its rules are fairly simple- black and white, there is no grey anymore.

We humans got selfish and tried pushing other species out. But nature is once again reminding us the balance. When we tried exploiting its resources unevenly too long; tried taking more than our share, nature decided to send us packing and telling us to stay indoor. It’s telling us to behave; a little punishment called lockdown to keep this world a beautiful place. We can’t just go on building more houses for growing population; producing more goods without giving nature back what we have taken. There is no space for more of us, the rules of jungle are black and white; there is no grey anymore.

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