While You Wait for Your Calling…

While You Wait for Your Calling

Waiting for ‘the calling’ that might never come to you is frustrating and worrying. It creates this big excuse for you not to do anything in the present.

So the big question is – What to do till you finally hear your calling? Simple.. Be a good person. A good listener and loyal friend. A dependable colleague at work. A go-to member of your family when in need. Because these facets of your persona, will come to your rescue when you actually persuade your dreams.

On my journey to become a baker, I worked as a banker for 14 years and prior to that cleared graduation while doing various jobs to support my family. Though I knew something was missing in my life, I didn’t have the luxury to actually wait for “my calling”. And I didn’t even know what would that signal be like when I finally hear it.

But believe me I heard it in my lowest moments.. and It came so strongly to me, that all that waiting became secondary. And at that moment and after,  I needed my family to play the same role I played for them. And they happily accepted their part in my calling. It wouldn’t have been possible had I not played my part in their calling all these years.

In short,  while you wait for your calling, actually don’t wait for it…. It will happen when it has to happen. Your time will come.. till then create great moments.

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