You turned me from banker to baker

you turned me from banker to baker
I was just a regular 9-6 banker…
you made me a baker. Thank you for changing my life forever. Happy Birthday Kangna – you not only are purpose of my life, but you also gave a purpose to my life…

Many mothers go into depression post-delivery; I am no exception; and sometimes coming out of it takes months to few years. It was difficult raising you and every time I felt depressed your dad would tell me to give it some time and that as you grow, you will become my best friend…

I never realized how and when you stopped being my daughter and became my best friend to my shopping buddy to my advocate during arguments, to my fashion guru to my kitchen assistant.. and sometimes my punching bag too 😀.

As a mom, my basic job is to teach you right values, but as I look back I realize that all this time it was you who was teaching me how to become a better human and keeping a calm within when it’s stormy outside.

Thank you to so many people who have messaged me  to wish my daughter Kangna. Your wishes are equivalent to blessings for her. So thank you. And yes I baked her favorite Choco Lava Cake this morning on demand. 😄

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