Your Mind Plays Tricks With You

Your Mind Plays Tricks With You

Your Mind Plays Tricks With You

I hear a lot of people talk about predicting future. And wanting to really know how their dreams will materialize. What their future holds for them.

Frankly, you don’t really need to know what the future holds for you. Actually no one knows nor can predict it either. You can only manage your present – your Now. How you deal with issues, how you deal with challenges and how you create your plans is all that you can control. If you can survive today, that’s enough an assurance that you are on your way to meet your tomorrow.
And so just keep going like this everyday.

Most importantly, you cannot really control other people’s priorities or agenda. Why worry about people who you can neither control. So why worry about opposing ideas or actions that could happen? Accept you are strong enough to get through today, that’s all that matters.. rest is just your mind playing tricks with you.

And you are not in a battle with anyone but yourself. Your mind will make you feel insecure, make you fear tomorrow and push you to even predict future. So every-time this happens, just go back and read this blog again. Your mind is playing tricks with you.. Accept it and keep working on getting through today. And yes “What if..” questions are good to ask but they cannot be deciding factors.

I read somewhere “You are the master and your mind is your servant.” And so I would have still been a banker (not baker) and would have still weighed 86 kg, if I had let my mind play tricks with me. Hope this makes sense to you?

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