Boiled Peanut Chaat

Boiled Peanut Chaat Recipe Boiled Peanut Chaat Recipe: This is as simple as it gets.

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Peanut Thecha Recipe

Peanut Thecha Recipe A spicy snack from Maharashtrian Cuisine – Singdana Thecha – very simple,


Kiwi Peanut Salsa

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Bhune Bhutte Ki Bhel

Bhune Bhutte Ki Bhel Recipe Rain.. Corns and Memories. One food that ignites these emotions


Chole Apple Ki Chaat

Chole Apple Ki Chaat Recipe When you have boiled chole, some aloo and apples at


Fulki Chaat Recipe

Fulki Chaat Recipe – Dahi Puri Chaat Recipe Deviation from traditional dahi vada, dahi fulki


Pear Mungfali Ki Chat

Pear Mungfali Ki Chat 5th Dec is the World Pear Day. And it’s a timely


Soya Tikka Recipe

Soya Tikka Recipe This #ChildrensDay2020 I am making my daughter’s favorite snack made from #SOYA–


Cripy Aloo Tikki Recipe

Whenever I see people eating Aloo Tikki on streets, I see a lot of oil


Apple Chana Chat

Apple Chana Chat is a healthy and protein riched snack recipe with a tangy twist


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Full of protein, here’s my version of Rajma Tikki or Kebabs call it whatever you


Palak Chole Tikki

Power packed with iron and protein, and healthy – Chole Palak Tikki Ingredients Finely chopped