Paratha Special


Mango Chutney Ajwain Paratha

Mango Chutney Ajwain Partha Recipe Aam ki Launji, Methamba, Mango Pachadi, Kachi Keri nu Vaghariyu,


Rajasthani Mung-dal Ka Paratha

Mung Dal Ka Parath, Lentil Stuffed Paratha, bharwa paratha recipe, moong dal paratha for travel,


Aloo Paratha North Indian Breakfast Recipe

Most popular Indian Breakfast that ensures you could go with a late lunch or some


Homemade Garlic Naan Recipe

Homemade Garlic Naan Recipe Garlic naan is a flat Indian bread topped with garlic and

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Masala Oats Paratha

Oats Recipe – Oats Paratha | Oatmeal Recipe Making the most of nutritious oats and


Gobi Paratha Recipe

Gobi Paratha Recipe No need to bother about making separate stuffing.. and no need to


Kurkuri Crispy Rumali Recipe

Kurkuri Crispy Rumali Recipe I had this few years ago in a restaurant in Ahmedabad;

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Palak Corn Cheese Paratha

Palak Corn Cheese Paratha Palak Corn Cheese Paratha / Palak Paratha Recipe: Recipe Make the


Sabudana Paratha

Sabudana Paratha Recipe I love this fusion of sabudana and paratha; making it a perfect


Rava Tomato Paratha

Rava Tomato Paratha Recipe Another super healthy recipe – Rava Tomato Paratha – made with


Papad Paratha

Papad Paratha | कुरकुरे करारे पापड़ For spicy food lovers, this is a wonderful change

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Paneer Paratha Recipe

Paneer Paratha Recipe How to make paneer paratha for kids & toddlers, paneer paratha video,


Stuffed Peas Paratha Recipe

Very popular in India especially in Winter season of fresh peas… Hare Matar ka Paratha;