10 Lip-Smacking Pasta Recipes I will not Mind Everyday

10 Lip-Smacking Pasta Recipes

10 Lip-Smacking Pasta Recipes

I read this somewhere that, “As long as there is Pasta & Chinese food in the world; I am ok to live in it.”  I think life is a wonderful combination of Magic and Pasta. And there are so many varieties of Pasta, Magic happens when you mix the right sauce with the right kind of a pasta.

– Spaghetti goes very well with creamy sauce like Pesto or White Sauce. Mouthwatering, right?

– Penne Pasta  on the other hand are best for any chunkey sauce such as Marinara sauce. Basically the ingredients get stuffed in between pasta.Feeling the taste in my mouth already.

– Fusilli Pasta as long as I remember enjoying these, it has always been the core of Pasta Salad. As dressing sticks to the sidewalls of this pasta and it’s easy to have with fork or spoon.

– Farfalle Pasta is best suited for Mac & Cheese.  My daughter loves it.

A lot of viewers get confused between pasta and noodles. They are both very different. Pasta is usually made from unleavened dough made from wheat flour mixed with water or eggs and formed into leaves or other shapes and then processed by boiling or baking. Rice flour or legumes such as beans or lentils are sometimes used to substitute for wheat flour for a different taste and texture or as a gluten-free alternative. Whereas Noodles are made from unleavened dough which is rolled flat and cut, stretched or extruded, into long strips or strings. Also, noodles generally contain salt, added to develop the softer protein and help bind the dough, whilst pasta is mostly salt-free.

As a staple food in Italian cuisine, both dry and fresh pasta are classically used in three types of prepared dishes. As pasta asciutta (or pastasciutta), cooked pasta is covered and served with additional sauces or seasonings. The second classification of pasta dishes is pasta in brodo, where pasta is part of a soup dish. The third category is pasta al Forno, where the pasta is put into a dish which is then baked. Using these very principles, I have made the Pasta Recipe collection for you. Go ahead and enjoy.

1. Masaledaar Desi Pasta

The Indian version of Masala Pasta is a versatile recipe where you can add different kinds of vegetables or cheese. The dish is filling and satisfying and moreover loved mostly by kids. It is creamy, a little spicy and also a fusion of Indian-Italian flavour.

The Masaledaar Desi Pasta bags the number one position as you get to enjoy the taste of desi tadka – so a fusion which makes the dish unique and tasty. Give a twist to the Italian pasta by simply adding the Indian flavours. Come to think of it; why the 2 minute noodles gained so much popularity, it was never about the noodles but rather the taste maker that comes with it. I believe whenever you mix familiar taste to any dish; you tend to automatically fall in love with it. Desi Masala Pasta is one such example.

Recipe Video for Masaledaar Desi Pasta

2. Pasta Arrabbiata Recipe

Many a times people get confused between Pasta Arrabbiata sauce and Marinara sauce.   A traditional tomato-based pasta sauce is known as marinara sauceArrabbiata Sauce: Using traditional marinara sauce, add crushed red pepper flakes or chopped chili peppers to make Arrabbiata, a spicy version of the marinara sauce.

This is one of the most acclaimed Italian dishes. The method of preparation is very simple and the dish tastes very good and can be easily made at home. Pasta of any kind is a dish preferred by all the people, be it kids or adults.Try this really spicy and very famous Pasta Arrabbiata made exclusively in restaurant style with added vegetables to make it healthier. The dish is made from garlic, tomatoes and chilli peppers all cooked in olive oil.

Recipe Video for Pasta Arrabbiata

3. Lazy Pasta Recipe

This recipe does not require you to go to the store. You just need the ingredients that are already in your kitchen and just go for it. Just dump all the ingredients in a pot and you are done.

As the name suggests, this dish is for those who are in no mood to cook for long hours. The recipe has all the ingredients mixed and cooked in one pot. You get a creamy texture even without adding any cream.

Recipe Video for Lazy Pasta

4. One Pan Pasta – Red Sauce Pasta

The Red sauce Pasta is a dish mainly prepared with pasta, tomatoes, bell peppers, herbs and garlic. You can easily make this recipe at home and is a very healthy and delicious dish and mostly loved by kids. It can be served with sandwiches, cheese toast and pizza.

This recipe does not require using a separate vessel to boiling pasta. Also the pasta does not become soggy like in other methods where the pasta is usually boiled separately. Enjoy the delicious recipe with easy ingredients and also at the same time very quick.

Recipe Video for One Pan Pasta - Red Sauce Pasta

5. Pasta in White Sauce

Well if you are bored eating the same old Red Tomato Pasta, then you can go for White Sauce pasta. It is a silky smooth and aromatic sauce prepared with butter, milk and all-purpose flour. The sauce is definitely going to tickle your taste buds. The sauce is very simple to make at home and takes about very less of your time.

White Sauce is also known as Pasta Carbonara. Try making the creamy pasta in the cheesy white sauce. Enjoy the dish with rich, creamy and saucy pasta with Italian herbs. It has its origin from the Italian and French cuisines.

Recipe for Pasta in White Sauce

6. Mac and Cheese Pasta

The name brings about a creamy and cheesy feeling to our taste buds. The recipe is definitely delicious with a cheesy and creamy flavour. It is made with butter, milk and melted cheese. It is a very quick and easy dish prepared without spending much bucks.

The dish is enjoyed both by kids and adults as well. Learn to make this simple recipe in a mug and also in about two minutes.  Also you can encourage your kids to try this recipe out.

Recipe Video for Mac and Cheese Pasta

7. Hummus Pasta Salad

Hummus Pasta is a healthy Mediterranean dish which is all perfect for a weeknight meal. The people of the Middle East add Hummus to everything. By adding Hummus in the pasta you get a creamy texture. The pasta is very versatile as you can add ingredients according to your taste.

The pasta is a really easy, filling and perfect for dinner recipe.  Also you will find this recipe pocket friendly with very few ingredients. It is truly a fusion of Italian pasta with Middle East Hummus.

Recipe Video for Hummus Pasta Salad

8. Cranberry Pasta

  1. Add a twist to your boring regular pasta with a dash of cranberries and nuts. Children like mostly junk foods and try to avoid healthier ones. But in this recipe the cranberry is dressed in such a way that even the kids cannot resist its flavor.

Cranberry Pasta adds a new touch to your regular pasta and is made by reducing the cranberry juice. Then it is cooked along with walnuts, garlic, cream and other herbs.

Recipe Video for Cranberry Pasta

9. Pesto Pasta

Need an easy-to-do meal ? This one fits the bill – Pesto Pasta! It is scrumptious and looks absolutely amazing due to the vibrant colours, not only that, Chef Meghna adds her magical twist to it and makes it even more delectable.

Recipe Video for Pesto Pasta

10. Feta Cheese Pasta

Ever wondered why why is this recipe so viral on social media ?  Because it’s different, quick and less painful. And Feta cheese is so rich in texture that it gives a completely different texture to the taste palettes.  It gained popularity because it takes only few minutes to make and so every blogger has probably experimented with this recipe.

Recipe Video for Feta Cheese Pasta

So there you are, the most lip-smacking, exotic  recipes. Also check out Harissa Pasta & Baked Cheese Macroni from my channel. Have given no oven version to the famous baked cheese macroni. 

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