2-in-1 Pickup Sandwich & Pickup Roti Sandwich

2-in-1 Pickup Sandwich & Pickup Roti Sandwich

    2-in-1 Pickup Sandwich & Pickup Roti Sandwich

    Solving mother’s dilemma for kids. A few ingredients sandwich and the filling used can be kept inside Roti too.

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    How to make Roti Sandwich?


    My Secrets

    • Sandwich breads. 
    • Few Chapatis /Roti
      Mint coriander chutney
      or/and Tomato ketchup.
    • Grated cheese. 
    • Onion finely chopped
      Capsicum finely chopped. 
    • Boiled sweet corn (optional).
    • Oil (alternative Mayonnaise).


    • Take 2 slices of breaed.
    • Apply Butter or Mint Coriander Chutney or Tomato Catchup on 2 slices.
    • Be careful how much Chutney you apply as it may be spicy.
    • Sprinkle grated cheese.
    • Add some finely choopped onion, capsicum and boiled sweet corn.
    • Add crushed bell pepper or chili flakes or red chilli powder to make it spicy.
    • Add little salt, Cheese is already salty so go slow on salt.
    • Apply chutney or tomato ketchup on 3rd slice.
    • Closed the sandwich.
    • If you dont have bread, you can take chapati (Roti) and make a sandwich too.
    • Apply Chutney on Roti
      Sprinkle grated cheese, sweetcorn, capsicum, finely chopped onion.
    • Add crushed bell pepper.
    • Very easy way to make, kids can do this too.
    • Closed the Roti and Grill it on pan.
    • Apply oil on top of sandwich and roti.
    • You can alternatiely apply mayonnaise as well it will give nice texture.
    • Grill Chapati.
    • Apply oil on other side.
    • Cook on medium flame.
    • We want cheese to melt & onions to become little tender inside for best taste.
    • Pickup roti is cooked from both side.
    • Keep it on a rack or grill so that it cools down and remains crispy.
    • Same way make sandwich on the pan.
    • Apply oil.
    • Press so that from inside it gets cooked, this is 3 layer sandwich.
    • Cook from both sides.
    • Both Pickup Roti and Pickup Sandwich are ready.

    Watch Roti Sandwich Recipe Video

    Watch same Video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/kOf-bCofnSM.

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