2 ingredient Chocolate Truffle Recipe

2 ingredient Chocolate Truffle Recipe

    2 ingredient Chocolate Truffle Recipe

    We just need Condensed Milk and Cocoa powder to make this Truffle.

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    Make 2 ingredient Chocolate Truffle Recipe


    Recipe's Secret

    • 200 gram Condensed Milk
    • 80 gram Cocoa Powder
    • (2/3rd cup) Other ingredients which are optional for better taste & presentation
    • A pinch of Salt (Optional)
    • Gold dusted blanched pistachio (optional).


    How to Make?

    • Take 200 gram Condensed Milk.
    • Take 80 gram Cocoa Powder.
    • We will gently warm condense milk till we get tiny bubbles.
    • Condensed milk should be room temperature before you warm it.
    • If cold, it will stick to surface.
    • Once you see bubbles,
      take condensed milk off the heat
      Gradually add cocoa powder.
    • As cocoa powder has lot of lumps,
      always sift it.
    • Keep mixing
    • It takes some time before cocoa powder starts mixing into condensed milk.
    • Keep adding cocoa powder and mixing it.
    • You can add some coffee. 
    • diluted in water or a pinch of salt as options enhance taste.
    • Once all cocoa powder is added,
      it will become a thick truffle.
    • In a pan or tray,
      stick cling flim or any plastic (Avoid aluminium foil).
    • Fill truffle in the pan
    • It will be sticky.
    • Take out all the truffle from the pan
    • Fold the plastic and bring truffle to shape.
    • Press with hand to make the layers even.
    • That way when you cut  truffles we get even shape.
    • Now leave truffle in fridge for 2 hours.
    • After 2 hours take it out from fridge
    • On a board or plate dust.
    • some cocoa powder so that truffle doesn’t stick to surface.
    • Take out truffle on cocoa powder and then remove plastic from top afterwards.
    • Dust cocoa powder on top as well.
    • You can also add nuts in truffle if you like.
    • Reove the sides so we get perfect rectangle or square shape.
    • Cut from middle vertically.
    • Use big knife for best results.
    • Cut from middle horizontally.
    • And then cut horizontally to make more shapes.
    • Truffle squares are ready.
    • Gently round the borders to get pillow shape.
    • Take Truffle pillows on the serving plate.
    • Dust some more cocoa powder on top.
    • Don’t worry it won’t become bitter as
      condense milk is very sweet and balances bitterness of cocoa powder.
    • You may garnish with gold dusted pista (optional).
    • Gold dust will be available at any bakery shop.
    • Pista is blanched in warm water and then rolled in gold dust.
    • Alternatively you can drizzle condensed milk on top as well.

    Watch 2 ingredient Chocolate Truffle Recipe Video

    Watch same video on YouTube too: https://youtu.be/oNo3IlJuRWE.

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