3 Types of Cream Cheese Recipe

3 Types of Cream Cheese Recipe

    3 Types of Cream Cheese Recipe

    Today once and for all, I am solving your many problems. Let’s make cream cheesecake at home and I will show you 3 different variations from cream cheese.

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    How to make 3 Types of Cream Cheese ?


    Recipe's Secrets

    • 1 litter full fat milk 2 tbs vinegar mixed with 1 tbs water
    • Salt Oil Water 1.5 tsp condensed milk
    • Chill flakes Finely chopped onion greens Coriander
    • Biscuit crush
    • Strawberry jam mixed with little warm water Mint leave Dry basil
    • Sliced tomatoes Toasts.


    How to make?

    • Take 1 liter full fat milk.
    • Heat it up but do not boil.
    • Mix 2 tbs vinegar and 1 tbs water.
    • Gradually add vinegar water mix into warm milk.
    • Keep stirring and mixing.
    • Once milk is bursted.
    • Drain out water but do not wash paneer.
    • We want the sourness of vinegar to be retained.
    • Do not put paneer in fridge.
    • Keep Paneer water aside for further usage in recipe.
    • Take paneer in a mixie.
    • Add some salt in paneer.
    • Salt should be less
      1/2 tbs oil (optional)
    • Oil gives nice texture to cheese.
    • Churn it.
    • You will get cream cheese texture.
    • Add 1 tbs water to get creamy texture.
    • Churn again.
    • Basic Cream Cheese is ready.
    • Take out some cream cheese and keep aside.
    • Take one more portion in a bowl.
    • Add finely chopped onion green, coriander and chilli flakes.
    • You can add roasted cumin seeds or lemon zest too.
    • Mix and you have flavored cream cheese ready.
    • Can be used for crostini or in a sandwich as a spread or with omelete.
    • Remaining basic cream cheese is
    • 1.5 tbsp.
    • Add 1.5 tsp condensed milk.
    • You can add normal sugar and beat with cheese too.
    • You can add whipping cream or egg white to make it lighter.
    • Mix well.
    • Fill this dessert cream cheese in a piping bag.
    • We’ll make cheesecake shots.
    • Make layer of biscuit crush of your choice.
    • Next layer of cream cheese.
    • Next layer of strawberry jam diluted with warm water.
    • You can layer with fruits too.
    • Repeat all three layers.
    • Garnish with fresh strawberry or mint leave.
    • Keep in fridge for 10 minutes to set.
    • Take toasted baguette or sandwich bread.
    • For flavorful toppings use basic cream cheese.
    • Top a slice with masala corn (corn, tomato, onion green, chillie powder).
    • Top another slice, use flavorful cream cheese and topple with sliced tomatoes.
    • Sprinkle Chilli flakes, Dry basil & Salt.
    • So you have 3 variations of cream cheese & recipes ready.

    Watch 3 Types of Cream Cheese Recipe Video

    Watch same video on YouTube too: https://youtu.be/x88wzKVxsAs.

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