9 Different Cake Icing Designs

9 Different Cake Icing Designs

9 Different Cake Icing Designs

9 Cake Decorating Ideas

Over last few months, viewers have sent me hundreds of cake images; one common theme that I found was the need to practice different cake icing ideas. Star Nozzles and Piping Bags are not expensive; but even if you feel that you don’t want to buy an entire set of nozzles; with only one star nozzle (Nozzle no. 1 M) you can make so many designs to decorate cake top, borders and different decorations.

This video is to help you all viewers who are cake enthusiast and have considered getting few nozzles to improve the cake icing. I am hoping that this helps you make more presentable and beautiful cakes every time you bake one.

You can use this concept for Buttercream as well as Whipping Cream or any other stiff peak icing. The concept remains the same; and it finally boils down to how your hand moves and how much pressure you apply on the piping bag.

Once you see this video, you will be able to practice and improvise your cake decoration skills. And best part you don’t have to bake a new cake every time to practice cake icing skills; you can even get dummy cakes online to try different designs.

Watch YouTube Video Session here.

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