Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble
  • Prep Time
    15 mins
  • Serving
    2 People
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Making a Traditional dish but a different version than the usual #ApplePie Recipe. For preparing this I am using the Legacy #CastIronCookware by @VinodIntelligentCookware . Do watch till the end as I have shared Tips and Tricks for with & without the oven method, to prepare this. #ChefMeghna #NoOven #NewIdeas #Recipe #RecipeShare #BakeItLikeMeghna #IndianFoodBlogger #FoodBlog #IndianFoodies #Tasty #appleCrumble #Pie #applePie #IndianFood #healthyfood #baking #recipe #easyrecipes #food #foodie #VinodCookware #VinodCastIron #CastIronCookware #LegacyCastIron #VinodLegacyCookware #CastIronKadai #CastIronRotiTawa #MeghnasFoodMagic


• 6 medium size apples(chopped)
• 4 tbs brown sugar
• 4 tbs white sugar
• 2 tsp cinnamon(dalchini) powder
• 2 pinch of nutmeg(jaiphal) powder
• 2 pinch of salt
• Lemon zest (optional)
• 120 gm cold butter
• 100 gm white flour(maida)
• 100 gm mixture of rolled oats & normal oats
• 1 tsp vanilla essence


• Take a big bowl filled with water, squeeze a lime in it.
• Take a food strainer, add 6 medium size apples(chopped) and put this strainer in the bowl of water.
• Take a cast iron kadai(try Vinod Cast Iron Kadai which is toxic free and gives essential dietary iron to food), add all chopped apples in the kadai.
• Add 1.5 tbs brown sugar
• Add 1.5 tbs white sugar
• Add 1 tsp cinnamon(dalchini) powder
• Add a pinch of nutmeg(jaiphal) powder
• Add a pinch of salt
• Add lemon zest (optional)
• Turn on the stove, place kadai on it and mix it well.
• Cook it for sometime and turn off the stove.
• Further take a mixing bowl, add 120 gm cold butter
• Add 100 gm white flour (maida – wheat flour is optional)
• Add 100 gm mixture of rolled oats & normal oats(to avoid oats add 100 gm more white flour)
• Add 1 tsp cinnamon(dalchini) powder
• Add a pinch of nutmeg(jaiphal) powder
• Add 1 tsp vanilla essence
• Add a pinch of salt
• Add 2.5 tbs brown sugar
• Add 2.5 tbs white sugar and mix it with the help of spoon.
• Add mixture in kadai covering the apple mixture.
• Keep it in the oven for 30 mins at 180⁰
• Here’s your Yummilicious Apple Crumble with Vinod Cast Iron Kadai ready.
• Serve it with ice cream and a mint leave on top.
• Some few benefits of cast Iron cookware:
– Toxic Free, Enamel free and Chemical free
– Adds dietary iron to your food
– Multi functional
– Sautéing to Pan frying to Roasting
– Allows even heating of food
– Long lasting, can be passed from generation to generation
– Less oil cooking, as it gives non-stick texture over a period of time.
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