Bangali Rasgulla Recipe

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    50 Mins
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    4 People
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Rasgullas are ball-shaped dumplings of cottage cheese cooked in aromatic sugar syrup. Bangali Rasgulla recipe is very juicy, soft, and mouthwatering popular Indian sweet. Rasgulla is very easy to make and basic ingredients are used i.e milk and lemon. This is a popular Indian sweet made during festivals and special occasions. Follow this recipe to make perfect Rasogullas for yourself at home.


1 Ltr Full Fat Cow Milk
1 Lime juice (diluted into one table spoon water)
1 tsp Maida
1 Cup sugar 
4 Cups water


Heat the milk and before it boils, 
add lime juice and water mix
Let the milk curdle 
This is called Chena or Paneer
Drain Chena in a muslin cloth
Add plain water to take out sourness of lime from chena
Hang Chena but don't squeeze 
Let extra water drain out
After couple of hours, take dry chena in a plate
Knead chenna well to make it a smooth dough
Kneading process will take you 10 minutes
This is the hardest part
Knead till you feel the chenna is coming together like a dough
Now make round balls.
Make sure there are no cracks in the chenna balls.
Keep it aside
To make sugar syrup, take a deep pan
take 4 cups of water and 1 cup of sugar
You may add 1/2 sugar more for extra sweetness
Add some saffron
(You can give this cardamom or rose water flavour as well)
Let it boil
Now this is time to add Chenna balls into the sugar syrup
Cover the pan and cook for 5-7 minutes
After that remove the cover and cook for 10 minutes more
You will see chenna balls becoming double in size
Now turn off the gas and let it stay in the sugar syrup
and cool down for couple of hours.
Rasgulla are ready to eat.
And to make your Diwali sweet.

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