Biscuit Bhakhri – 2 Types Of Bhakhari

Biscuit Bhakhri - 2 Types Of Bhakhari

How to make Biscuit Bhakhri - 2 Types Of Bhakhari?

Showing you 2 types of Gujarati Bhakhri – Coriander Bhakhri and Jeera Bhakhri. But you can make many flavors like ajwain, garlic, masala etc.
Have it for dinner or breakfast or in tiffin, with any sabjee or just with tea. It’s best friend of we Gujaratis, believe me when I say this.

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Preparation Method and Ingredients of Bhakhri


  • 1.5 cup roti wheat flour
    (divide equally into 2 bowls as 3/4th cup each).
  • 4 tbs oats crushed (alternatively take same amount of thick wheat flour).
  • hot Oil.
  • Jeera (Cumin seeds).
  • Black pepper.
  • Salt.
  • Chopped coriander leaves.
  • Chopped green chili.
  • 1 tsp white sesame seeds.


  • Take 1.5 cup roti wheat flour and divide it into each bowl as 3/4th cup each for both bhakhari. 
  • Take 4 tbs crushed oats and divide 2 tbs crushed oats each in each bowl
    (Typically we would have added thick wheat flour).
  • Add salt in both bowls.
  • add 2 tsp hot oil in each bowl.
  • In first bowl,
    add 1 tsp jeera
    add some black pepper.
  • In 2nd bowl,
    add chopped coriander leaves
    add 1 green chili finely chopped
    (you can add any chili or chili powder of your choice).
  • Add 1 tsp white sesame seeds.
  • In both bowl, add little water
    and form tight dough.
  • Cover both the bowl and leave for few minutes.
  • Now make small roundels and
    flatten it to thick paratha consistency
    use fingers to thicken the sides
    and then flatten using rolling pin
    Bhakhri size is usually small and thick.
  • Use fork to punch holes in bhakhri
    as it is suppoused to be crispy like a biscuit.
  • Time to roast bhakhri;
  • first half roast it on both sides and
    then drizzle some oil on top to cook
  • Keep pressing it while cooking
    you will get nice biscuit like texture.

Watch Biscuit Bhakhri - 2 Types Of Bhakhari

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Points to be noted...

  • All the  viewers must have to follow the tips and tricks given by Chef throughout the video session.
  • Small small tricks and tips make bhakri tasty.
  • The crispness of bhakri depends on the tips and trips followed by you which are provided by Chef Meghna. 
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