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Bruschetta | 3 Bruschetta Fusion Recipes – Paneer Tikka | Aloo Bhaji | Tomato Basil | Chef Meghna


Bruschetta | 3 Bruschetta Fusion Recipes – Paneer Tikka | Aloo Bhaji | Tomato Basil | Chef Meghna

Enjoy these famous italian bruschetta with Indian twist.

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Prepare burnt tomato & garlic chutney-

  1. Method

    • In a mixie jar, take some roasted peanuts
    • Add some salt, and crush it
    • add 2 tomatoes & garlic - both burnt on gas
    • Add fresh chili and crush it in mixie
    • Burnt tomato and garlic chutney is ready

Prepare coriander mint chutney-

  1. Method

    • First take a mixer grinder and fill peanuts in it. Peanuts give thick consistency to Chutney.
    • Add chillies & garlic cloves.
    • Add a piece of small ginger (optional).
    • Now grind these ingredients till you get paste consistency.
    • Now add Coriander & Mint leaves.
    • Add lime juice. And add water so that you get a nice churn in the grinder.
    • Grind the ingredients again.
    • Add some salt as per taste

Prepare Aloo Sabjee Topping-

  1. Method

    • Take 1 tsp oil in a pan, keep low to medium flame
    • Add cumin seeds (Jeera)
    • Add chopped spring onions, Turmeric powder, chopped fresh chillis,
    • Let them cook
    • Add boiled small cubes potatoes and add salt, mix well
    • Add coriander leaves.
    • Topping is ready

Prepare Paneer Tikka Topping-

  1. Method

    • Take 1 tsp oil in pan
    • Add cuimin seeds (Jeera), finely chopped green onions and chopped garlic
    • Add small cubes of tomatoes and capsicums
    • Add paneer tikka masala (or any other masala of your choice) diluted in 1 spoon of curd
    • Add paneer cubes and salt. Add Kashmiri Red chili powder for color
    • Mix well. Topping is ready
    • Let it cool down.

Prepare Tomato Basil Topping-

  1. Method

    • In a bowl, take small cubes of tomatoes and fresh basil leaves
    • (Alternatives to Fresh basil leaves - dry herbs, pizza seasoning or crushed bell pepper)
    • Add some finely chopped chillies & salt
    • Add 1 tsp olive oil, mix well. Tomato basil topping is ready

Now on one toasted loaf slice, apply green chutney and top with paneer tikka topping and some coriander leaves

  1. Method

    • On the 2nd loaf,apply burnt tomato garlic chutney and top with aloo sabjee topping and cheese
    • On the 3rd loaf, topple with garlic basil mix and garnish with mint leaves
    • Our 3 types of bruschetta are ready.

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