Cherry Choco Ganache Cups

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Cherry Choco Ganache Cups Recipe

The Cherry season is in full swing with these delicious, pulpy and juicy US Cherries coming in market during July-Aug only. So I always wanted to make Cherry Ganache and the best part of this dessert is that everything I’m making from choco cup to cherry choco ganache; you can eat the entire dessert. A treat for chocolate lovers with the Cherry on Chocolate from US Northwest. You can order these online or get from fruit shop.

Preparation of Cherry Choco Ganache Cups


  • 200 gm melted dark chocolate.
  • 70 gm lukewarm cooking / fresh cream.
  • Finely chopped US Cherries.
  • Some more US Cherries & gold dust to garnish.


How to make?

  • Take approx 200 gm melted dark chocolate
    (melted in microwave for 40 sec).
  • Mix it well.
  • To make Choco Cups, take silicon moulds.
  • Pour 1 spoon chocolate in it.
  • Apply it on wall of cups with the help of brush.
  • Keep all moulds into frozen section for 5 min.
  • Take them out and again coat with chocolate layer to make thick cups.
  • Keep again in refrigerator for 5 min.

Further to Make Ganache :

  • Add approx 70 gm lukewarm cooking / fresh cream in remaining melted chocolate.
  • Mix it well
    (you can make this ganache with milk or white chocolate as well).
  • Add some finely chopped US.
  • Cherries and mix it.
  • Remove chocolate cups from refrigerator.
  • Demould all cups.
  • Now add this ganache in a piping bag.
  • Pour it in all cups.
  • Dust some gold on the edge of cups.
  • Top with US Cherries.
  • Enjoy this Mouth Watering & Beautiful Cherry Choco Cup Ganache!!!

Recipe Video for Cherry Choco Ganache Cups

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