Cream Cheese Lemon Pista Truffle Balls

Cream Cheese Lemon Pista Truffle Balls

    Cream Cheese Lemon Pista Truffle Balls

    Here’s another no bake no cooking dessert; trust me it’s the best chocolate dessert you’ve had till now.

    Try Carrot Cake Recipe.


    • 100 grm cream cheese (you can make this at home if you don’t find it in market, how to make cream cheese – recipe available on my page).
    • 100 grm chopped white chocolate (it has to be melted)
      Some chopped pistachios (pista).
    • 2-3 drops of lemon juice.
    • 200 grm chopped dark chocolate(it has to be melted).


    • Take a mixing bowl, add 100 grm plain cream cheese and mash it well.(if home made, add pinch of salt).
    • Take 100 grm chopped white chocolate(melt in oven for 30 sec/ cook it on stove with double boiler)
    • Mash it well, add it in the cream cheese and mix it.
    • Add some chopped pistachios (pista).
    • Add 2-3 drops of lemon juice (for mild acidic flavour to compliment white chocolate), mix it well.
    • Take a plate, covered with cling film (plastic wrap) to avoid sticking of chocolate.
    • Place chocolate balls on plate with the help of measuring spoon (measure of 1 tbs)
    • Keep it in the freezer for 10-15(for firmness)
    • Now roll out balls on your palms giving nice round shape and again keep it in the freezer (for firmness)
    • Take 200 grm dark chocolate in a bowl (melt it with the same procedure as white chocolate).
    • Now take out the truffle balls from freezer and dip them in hot dark chocolate.
    • Garnish a few truffle balls with chopped pistachios and few with white melted chocolate (with a help of piping bag).
    • Cream Cheese Lemon Pista Truffle Balls are ready.

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