Eggless No-gelatin Cheesecake Recipe

Eggless No-gelatin Cheesecake Recipe

Eggless No-gelatin Cheesecake Recipe

Cream, cheese and Cake – 3 things that everyone loves. Check out this eggless no-gelatine recipe of Cream cheesecake.

How to make Eggless No-gelatin Cheesecake Recipe?


Biscuits (crushed in mixie)
Melted butter
200 gm Cream cheese 
White Chocolate Ganache (mix of melted white chocolate & cream)
Icing sugar
Vanilla essence
Corn flour
Mint leave
Golden varakh for decoration


Take crushed biscuits
Add melted butter
Set it in a pie tray 
Set oven at 180 degree temperature for 15-17 minutes
Put the pie tray in the oven for baking
Separately in a pan take cherry pieces and some water
Heat it up as we want to make Cheery Compote
In a small cup mix corn flour and water and then add it to pan
This will help thicken the cherry Compote 
Cherry compote is ready. Let it cool down
Take out pie tray from the oven
And let the pie base cool down
Time to prepare the cheese filling
Take cream cheese, beat it well
Now add white chocolate ganache
How to make chocolate ganache – take proportion of chocolate and cooking cream such that quantity of cooking cream is half of white chocolate
Mix it well
Add some vanilla essence 
Now Add some icing sugar to cheese mix
Remember we want some aeration in the mic
Now pour the cheese mix on pie base
Spread it nicely
Let the cheesecake get set in fridge for 3-4 hours
Now pour cherry compote on the cheesecake. 
Garnish with cherry and golden varakh wrapped cherry and mint leaves
Enjoy this eggless gelatin free cheesecake.

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