Gajar Muli Mirch Ka Achar

Gajar Muli Mirch Ka Achar
  • Prep Time
    20 mins
  • Serving
    3 People
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Gajar Muli Mirch Ka Achar

So easy to make this instant gajar muli mirchi ka achar (carrot radish chili pickle) in few minutes. Make and Eat instantly.

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Chopped Radish (muli) and Carrots (gajar)
Less spicy 2 green chillies
Rai ke daane (Mustard seeds)
Rai Kuria (Mustard seeds with skin removed and roughly grounded)
Asafoetida (Hing powder)
Turmeric Powder
Lemon juice


Take Chopped Carrot and Radish in a mixing bowl.
Add chopped chillies in the same shape – take less spicy chillies
Take Mustard seeds and mildly crush them.
In a frying pan, take oil, heat it up
I want to crackle the spices.
Add some salt & turmeric powder in carrots and Radish
Now oil in the pan must be heated, time to add mustard seeds & a pinch of asafoetida
Add Rai ki Dal or Rai Kuria in carrot, radish and chilli mix
Now mustard seeds are crackling in oil, time to pour oil into carrot and radish mix
Mix it well
Add some lemon juice as it goes very well with Radish and it helps balance spicy radish taste.
Enjoy this Gajar Muli Mirchi ka instant achar

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