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Make your festivals now healthy with this Baked Gujiya recipe. I Have used the alternative of baking and Honey to replace frying and sugar syrup. Enjoy. Love M #GujiyaRecipe #Ghughra #ChefMeghna

1 cup khoya (mava)
1.5 cup Maida (plain flour)
2 spoon Ghee
Dry fruits – Almond, Pista
1.5 tbs Sugar
Elaichi powder
2 spoon coconut powder

Take 1 cup mava (khoya) in a pan
Keep roasting it till mava gets brown
Make sure you keep stirring mava so that it doesn’t get stick to the pan
On the sides take a bowl and add 1 cup Maida (plain flour)
In the Maida, add 2 spoon ghee
Keep mixing everything
Keep checking mava
Add little cold water 2-2 spoon in the maida and ghee mixture
Make dough like Paratha
Cover the bowl of lead and leave it for resting 15-20 minutes
On the pan, mava has been roasted well and its color has changed
take out mava in a bowl and let it cool down
Once mava gets cool down, add 2 spoon coconut powder
Add some elaichi powder
Add chopped pista & almonds
Add 1.5 tbs sugar
Mix well. Gujiya filling is ready
Now take the maida dough and flatten it like a chapati
Cut out roundels using a bowl
Take some mava gujiya filling and place it at the centre of roundels
Apply a little water on the sides of roundels
Close the gujiya and using fork seal the sides.
We are baking and not frying.
So take parchment paper on a baking tray
Pre-heat  oven for 10 minutes at 180 degree
Place gujiya in it and bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes
Take it out – the colour won’t be too brown as we are baking and not frying
Immediately brush honey on the top; you will get the excellent shine
Garnish with chopped almonds and pista
While serving in a plate; pour some more honey on the top.
So Healthy Baked Gujiya recipe – no frying, no sugar syrup… we have cut down half the calories with this version of Gujiya

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