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Healthy Vegan Cookies | No Eggs | No Sugar | No Oil | No Butter | how to make cookies at home


Healthy Vegan Cookies | No Eggs | No Sugar | No Oil | No Butter | how to make cookies at home

No Butter. No Flour. No Sugar. no Eggs. No Oil... these healthy vegan cookies are full of almonds, flex seeds, cranberries, pumpkin & sesame seeds. Store them In air tight container and they will stay fresh for couple of days.

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Difficulty: Beginner Servings: 4



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  1. Method

    • Take a mixing bowl,
    • Add 1 cup almond(soak overnight, remove skin and make small slices)
    • Add 1 tbs pumpkin seeds
    • Add 1 tsp white sesame seeds
    • Add 1 tsp black sesame seeds(optional)
    • Add 1 tbs chopped cranberries(raisins - kishmish optional)
    • Add a pinch of salt
    • Add 1 tsp honey
    • Add flaxseeds paste(1 tbs dry flaxseeds grind in mixer then add 1 tbs water in this powder and make a thick paste) and mix it well
    • (1 tbs egg white is optional for flaxseeds)
    • Further take a baking tray, place a parchment paper in it.
    • Take a cookie cutter, place it in the tray and put some mixture in the cookie cutter giving it round shape.
    • Place more round shape mixture in the tray to make more cookies.
    • Pre heat oven for 10 mins and bake it on 120⁰ - 130⁰ for 25 - 27 mins.
    • (Bake it in the middle rack if your oven has 3 racks or if it has 4 racks then bake it in the second rack since these cookies are delicate) 
    • Further remove the tray out of the oven, rest it for a while and then try to seperate it slowly from the parchment paper.
    • Bring it to the room temperature and serve these Oh-So Rich Healthy Vegan Cookies.
    • Perfect recipe for a Vegan Diet!!!

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