Khasta Mathri Recipe

Khasta Mathri Recipe

Khasta Mathri Recipe

Layered Mathri | हलवाई जैसी खस्ता मठरी घर पर बनाने कि विधि |

Most popular snack – Layered Mathri – we not only make during Diwali but enjoy throughout the year. And benefit of @Wagga Pure is not only that oil absorption is low but also you won’t get the smell of oil even after many days of cooking.

Preparation Method of Khasta Mathri


Recipe's Secret

  • 1 cup all purpose flour (maida).
  • Some crushed black pepper.
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds (jeera).
  • 1 tsp ajwain.
  • Salt as per taste.
  • 2 spoon ghee.
  • 3 spoon corn flour/ rice flour.
  • 2 tbs oil (to kneed dough).
  • Oil (for deep frying).
  • Red chilli powder (to sprinkle).


How to Prepare?

  • Take a mixing bowl, add 1 cup all purpose flour (maida).
  • Add some crushed black pepper.
  • Add 1 tsp cumin seeds (jeera).
  • Add 1 tsp ajwain.
  • Add salt as per taste.
  • Add 2 tbs oil (to make it crispy), kneed dough like paratha and leave for 15 mins.
  • Further take a small bowl, add 2 spoon ghee in it.
  • Add 3 spoon corn flour/ rice flour (corn flour helps to get layers in mathri) and mix it vigorously with the help of spoon.
  • Further roll out some balls from the dough.
  • Place one ball on flat surface/ silicon sheet/ rolling board, flatten it further with the help of rolling pin and dust some flour if required.
    (Make more 3-4 rotis).
  • Then place one roti on flat surface, apply good amount of ghee mixture on it and spread it around.
  • Place more rotis and add a layer of ghee mixture one by one.
  • Apply some ghee mixture on last roti and make a roll of all roti layers.
  • Cut this roll into small pieces/ rolls and flatten these small rolls with the help of rolling pin.
  • Further heat up the pan for frying, pour oil in it (try Wagga Wagga oil, it’s a best oil for deep frying, it’s odourless, chemical free and healthy oil).
  • Add mathris in oil and fry until it gets golden-brown colour and take them on a tissue paper (it will absorb oil).
  • Sprinkle some red chilli powder from top (optional).
  • And then your Crunchy Layered Mathri is ready…

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