Leftover Rice Patties - Lockdown Special

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    20 Mins
    Chef Meghna
    2-3 People


Some leftover rice of previous day or morning
Grated carrot
Finely chopped green onions
Chopped coriander leaves
Finely chopped fresh chilli
Finely chopped capsicum
Sweetcorn, paneer and cheese (Optional)
1 boiled potato mashed
A pinch of sugar
Besan (gram flour) - If you want to fry the patties; but I am doing shallow fry so Besan is NOT needed.
Bread crumbs (I had some leftover bread) -
1/2 lemon
Tomato ketchup, sev & coriander leaves for garnishing


Making food from leftover ingredients is something very common to households, especially in this lockdown period when there is generally unavailability of ingredients. So here I'm sharing with you recipe of leftover rice and few vegetables brought together to make Rice Patties. Snacks or Side dish, with tea or just like that; go ahead add this yummy dish to your menu. Love M #LeftOverRice #LockDownPatties # ChefMeghna

Take leftover rice in a bowl
Add grated carrots
Add finely chopped green onions
Add chopped coriander leaves
Add 1-2 fresh chopped chilli
Add finely chopped capsicum
You may also add sweetcorn, paneer and cheese - whatever you have at your home
Mix everything with hands gently.
Mix a mashed potato
We'll be shallow frying. but if you want to fry, then add some besan too
Add a pinch of sugar
Add salt per taste
Mix well
Add breadcrumbs (leave some for shallow fry, don't use all breadcrumbs now)
Squeeze half a lemon juice
Mix well and small roundels with sides pressed in to give height
Leave all the patties in the fridge for 15 minutes to get set and firm
Then take them out and do shallow fry
Use just little oil and spread it evenly on the surface
Cover all sides of patties with bread crumbs and place them on the pan
Serve them in a plate; garnish with ketchup, sev & coriander leaves
There you go, enjoy these leftover rice patties whenever hunger strikes.

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