Mango and Strawberry Milk

Strawberry Milk Recipe

Mango and Strawberry Milk Recipe

Had tried this in Korea, where they sell it in bottles. And people drink/eat this all the time any time. If you draw similarities to a place in Mumbai near Hajiali Durgah; where they sell cream strawberry; I thought why not create a fusion of both. So here it is Mango and Strawberry Milk.

How to make Mango and Strawberry Milk Shake?


My Secrets

  • Some finely chopped mangoes (do not take overripe mangoes).
  • Some finely chopped strawberries.
  • 3 spoon brown sugar.
  • 1 cup milk (boil and bring it to room temperature).
  • 1/2 cup cooking/ fresh cream.
  • Vanilla essence (for flavour).


How to make?

  • Take 2 bowls with some finely chopped strawberries & mangoes in each bowl.
  • Add 1.5 spoon brown sugar (white sugar/ honey/ jaggery is optional) in each bowl and mix it.
  • Further take a jar, add 1 cup milk (boil and bring it to room temp. then use).
  • Add 1/2 cup cooking/ fresh cream.
  • Add vanilla essence (for flavour as per choice). (You can also add elaichi powder with mango milk and chocolate milk with strawberry milk).
  • Take 2 glasses, fill strawberry and mangoes in each glass.
  • Pour cream base milk in both the glasses.
  • Decorate with a piece of mango and a strawberry on top.
  • Here’s your Simply Delish Mango & Strawberry Drink ready!!!

Watch Mango and Strawberry Milk shake Recipe Video

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