Mango Cashew Kulfi

Mango Cashew Kulfi

Mango Cashew Nut Kulfi

4 ingredients, 30-35 minutes of efforts, some stationary plus some patience – you will have this grainy textured Mango Cashewnut Kulfi.


My Secret

  • 1 Ltr Full Fat Milk.
  • 2 tbs Sugar (as per your taste).
  • OR 2 tbs Condense milk if you have.
  • 15 cashews coarsely crushed.
  • 1 Mango churned to make pulp.


How to make?

  • Boil milk at medium temperature till it becomes half; keep stirring it and clearing the borders; as fat tends to stick to walls of the pan.
  • When it reaches halfway, add sugar and cashew nut powder; and again boil for some more time till the milk gets thick.
  • Now let the mixture come to room temperature.
  • From the thickened milk; take out a small part and add mango pulp; this way you can create 2 layers.
  • Use few paper glasses; fill with mango pulp; freeze it for 2 hours, and then add white milk kulfi portion and cover the glass with aluminium foil and an ice cream stick inside.
    (If don’t have aluminium foil, then can use thick plastic and cover with an elastic band).
  • And again freeze it for overnight; ensure no one opens the freezer door.

Mango Cashew Kulfi Video

YouTube Video link for the same

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