Mohanthal Recipe

    अगर आपका मोहनथाल सही से नहीं बनता तो आप इस आसान तरीके से टेस्टी और दानेदार मोहनथाल बनाये वो भी बिना मावा के जो हर कोई मांग मांग के खायेगा और इसे आप बार बार बनाना चाहेंगे .अगर रेसिपी पसंद आए तो लाइक और शेयर जरूर करे..कमेंट करना तो बिलकुल ना भूले , आपके कमेंट से मुझे ख़ुशी होगी 🙂

    Mohanthal recipe sabse asan tarike se banaiye jise Mohanthal ekdum danedar halwai jaisa bina mawa ke. Puri tips ke sath Mohanthal jo Gujrat ki famous mohanthal recipe burfi hai jo aao kisi bhi festival par bana sakte hai Ahar aapko video acha lage to like aur subscribe jaroor kijiye.

    How to make Mohanthal ?


    Recipe's Secrets

    • 200 gm gram flour (besan).
    • 4 tbs look warm milk.
    • 200 gm desi ghee.
    • 180 gm sugar.
    • 1/4 cup water.
    • Cardamom powder (3 pcs).
    • Some kesar threads.
    • Some chopped almonds and cashews.


    How to make?

    • Take a mixing bowl, add 200 gm gram flour (besan).
    • Take a small bowl, add 4 tbs look warm milk and mix it well with 2 spoon desi ghee.
    • Add a spoonful of this mixture in besan and keep adding 3-4 spoon step by step in it.
    • Rub besan well with both hands then seive mixture with the help of food strainer to get equal texture. (This process is called dhabo dena).
    • Leave it for 10-15 mins (so that besan will absorb moisture).
    • Further heat up the pan, add ghee in it (200 gm ghee out of which 2 spoon is used for besan).
    • Add besan in the pan and keep roasting continuously on medium flame until it gets golden-brown colour.
    • Then add 2 spoon of milk and ghee mixture in it, turn off the stove and rest it until it gets to room temperature.
    • Further heat up another pan to make chashani, add 180 gm sugar in it.
    • Add 1/4 cup water in it.
    • Add cardamom powder (3 pcs).
    • Add some kesar threads (for colour) and cook it on. 
    • Then take some chashani in between your fingers, If the sugar string between your finger and thumb doesn’t break after pulling apart, 1 string (1 tar) chashani is now ready.
    • To make 1.5 string (do tar) chashani cook it for another 5 mins.
    • Turn off the stove, add hot chashani in besan mixture and mix it well.
    • Further transfer the mixture in a tray/tin and make a thick layer.
    • Add some chopped almonds and cashews from top and rest it for 4-5 hours to set well.
    • Then cut it into square shape pieces, take it on a serving plate and add some more dry fruits from top.
    • Serve this Amazingly Delicious Mohanthal with your Loved Ones during this Wonderful Festival!!!

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