Nutella Bread Rolls Recipe

Nutella Bread Rolls Recipe
I always am looking for ways and means to create desserts. Some of you write to me about reducing sugar levels in desserts for kids. This is my version of a no-bake dessert which is low in sweetness and is in-between the Swiss cake and Charlotte cake, especially for people who don�t have time . Enjoy this 3 Ingredients dessert – Chocolate Rolls with Nutella & Bread- and surprise your loved ones this holiday season. Love M #ChefMeghna #ChocolateNutellaRollCake #NoBakeDessert


3 white bread slices
Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
Whipped Cream (alternatively you may use Chocolate Mousse)


Take regular 3 white breads & cut out the edges.
Take cling film and Line the bread slices on it in a sequence such that borders overlap.
Apply a bit of water with wet hands to stick the borders.
Press the connecting edges to flatten them.
Use Roller pin to flatten the bread.
Apply Chocolate Hazelnut Spread on the bread roll.
And roll them up inside the cling flim.
Keep them in refrigerator for 10 minutes
Take out the rolls and cut them into thin slices.
They will look like Swiss Roll Cake.
Take a bowl covered with cling film from inside.
Now place all the bread roll slices in the bowl such that it covers the surface leaving cavity inside.
Now layer with whipped cream and bread roll slices inside the cavity.
The last layer has to be bread roll slices.
Cover it with cling film and keep inside refrigerator for an hour.
Take out, de-mould and serve.

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